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A3 problem solving workshop On the Job On the Gemba

Thursday 8 January 2009 by emmanuel

* Exclusive offer in France:

Lysippe offers to train you to A3 Toyota problem solving method in a hands on workshop.

Who is it for?

Any manager of the company. Any engineer or technician who has to solve problems on the shop floor.

Prerequisites : aiming to solve problems definitely [blue]on the gemba[/blue], in order to get rid of today’s problems tomorrow.


- At the end of the workshop you’ll be an expert of:

  • solving problems process,
  • checking problems countermeasures and process solving,
PDF - 119 kb
Flyer méthode A3


- At the end of the workshop you’ll know:

  • Toyota’s A3 problem solving method,
  • Basic tools for solving problems in A3 context,
  • Main errors to avoid in order to succeed in problem solving,
  • Key succeeding factors for solving problems,

- At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Go easily from first perception to grasp the situation of a problem,
  • Drive your problem solving process with a rigorous method,
  • Look for data on the gemba and use it, use powerful graphics to secure and show the strength of your method,
  • Dig in potential causes to get to the root causes and show evidence between root causes and effects,
  • Check that countermeasures fix root causes,
  • Avoid main usual rocks that prevent from finding root causes and eradicate them,
  • Make a clear and structured problem solving presentation that has impact on your managers,
  • Start using A3 method as a development tool of your associates,

Workshop for a single company

- During 5 days in a shop of your company,

  • Theoretical teaching and immediate practice on the gemba the two first days,
  • Further knowledge and precisions next 3 days,
  • Methodologic and practical coaching on the gemba all 5 days,
  • Full resolution of a problem,
  • Post workshop follow up by e-mail and phone until full mastery of A3 process.

Workshop for multi companies

- During two days on the shop floor of a company.

  • Theoretical teaching and immediate practice on the gemba,
  • 10 participants max, 4 from hostess company - 6 outsiders,

Bonuses of this workshop

- You learn how to solve a problem on the gemba, not an hotel. (You learned to drive in a car, not in a driving school).

- Lysippe is certified as a teaching organism, thus cost of workshop is covered by your OPCA in France, and you don’t spend money.

- Lysippe teaches you the A3 method and practical knowledge on the gemba since 2003. An investment with high return as soon as the first problem is solved.

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