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Standardized Work

Friday 9 January 2009 by emmanuel

Standardized Work and Continuous Flow workshop On The Job On The Gemba.

Who is it for?

From supervisor to production manager. Continuous improvement teams.
Prerequisite :
None! This is even by standardized work that Taiichi Ohno started the creation of Toyota Production System.


At the end of the workshop you’ll be an expert of:

  • Creating a continuous flow 1x1 takt driven,
  • Implementing standardized work on the shop floor.


At the end of Lysippe’s standardized work workshop you’ll know:

  • Prerequisite conditions to standardized work,
  • The 4 standardized work forms,
  • Lean transformation key elements,
  • Why you must standardize operators tasks and work in a continuous one piece,

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Drive implementation of standardized work in your shops,
  • Quickly and simply get ready for a kaizen standardized work workshop,
  • Time efficiently tasks and pile up Yamazumi,
  • Implement a continuous 1x1 cell takt driven,
  • Create and use the 4 forms of standardized work: SWIS, PCS, SWC, SWCT,
  • Get rid of conditions that prevent standardized work and earnings that come with it,
  • Use standardized work to ensure 100% quality, productivity, and operators safety.

Workshop for a single company

- During 5 days in a shop of your company,

  • Theoretical teaching and immediate practice on the gemba the two first days,
  • Further knowledge and precisions next 3 days,
  • Methodologic and practical coaching on the gemba all 5 days,
  • And full implementation of a continuous flow work cell, 1x1, takt driven.

Workshop for multi companies

During two days on the shop floor of a host company.

  • PTheoretical teaching and immediate practice on the gemba,
  • 10 participants max, 4 from host company - 6 gusets,

Bonuses of this workshop

  • Practical workshop with implementation by learners of standardized work and continuous 1 piece flow,
  • Immediate cash savings realized by reducing inventories, improving quality rate by eradicating rework and scrap, improving productivity, reducing used surfaces, shortening lead time compensate many times the internal cost of this workshop.
  • Lysippe is certified as a teaching organism, thus cost of workshop is covered by your OPCA in France, and you don’t spend money.


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